2023 Annual Report



CMF seeks to embolden and equip Michigan philanthropy in the relentless pursuit of equitable systems and the embrace of inclusive diversity.

Throughout 2023, CMF members engaged in deep equity-centered learning events, accessed new resources through the CMF website and shared their own equity journeys in our blog and video series for shared learning across our vibrant network of Michigan philanthropy. These efforts continue in 2024, as CMF supports all in our membership in advancing your equity journeys, wherever you may be in discovery, dialogue or dedicated action.

Our CMF Community

In 2023, as part of our 50th anniversary video series, several CMF members shared learnings from their equity journeys, what equity means in the communities they serve and what is needed to support our communities in the next 50 years and beyond.

Equity Signature Series

These conversations provide space to ask ourselves the hard questions, challenge our thinking, inspire action and lift up the work of foundations, nonprofits and other peers and partners as we learn from and with each other on our journeys to advance equity. Across our six virtual events in this series in 2023, CMF members explored how to work with nonprofit partners to build meaningful and trust-based relationships, move more resources to communities of color and drive policy and practices toward equitable outcomes. Explore the full series through our on-demand recordings. Stay tuned to the events calendar for upcoming programs that deeply explore the ways that we can, and must, advance systemic change together.

Featured Blogs

By: Lisa Jones

DEIJ: More Than a Concept

By: Ashley Johnson

From Nonprofit Partner to Program Officer

By: Camarrah Morgan & Meredith Freeman

Impact Investing for a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

Curated Equity Resources

As a CMF member, you have access to our growing online hub of Curated Equity Resources, including self-assessments, shared language and glossaries, insights from the field, land acknowledgments and much more. Check out new, featured resources now available for download!